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English and Maths GCSEs – Change to the PASS grade

In previous bulletins we have mentioned the GCSE reforms introduced into Secondary education and the move from grades A*-G to the new 9-1 range (with 9 being the highest). These start to be phased into the GCSE exams this summer (2017) and our current Year 11s will take the reformed exams in English Language, English Literature and Mathematics. 

Initially, all schools were advised by the Department of Education that to PASS these GCSEs, students would need to achieve a new grade 5, which is roughly the equivalent of an old high C or low B grade.

Tuesday 28th March, the Secretary of State for Education (Justine Greening) wrote to the House of Commons education select committee to state that a PASS will now be set at a grade 4 – or the equivalent of the old C grade. 

What does this mean to our Year 11 Students?
Please be assured that our 6th Form team area fully aware of all changes being phased in for GCSEs and each student’s application to join is always considered on an individual basis. You can check the entry requirements for KTS 6th Form and the requirements for specific courses on our website (click here for link).


Extract of Key Points from Justine Greening’s letter to the Education Select Committee

“I want to provide certainty about how this new grading will work and, in particular, the consequences for individual pupils of achieving a grade 4 or grade 5”.

“Rather than reporting on the ‘good pass’, we will instead distinguish between a grade 4 as a ‘standard pass’ and a grade 5 as a ‘strong pass’ and report on both.”

“Therefore a GCSE pass at new grade 4 will continue to have real currency for individual pupils as they progress to further study and employment. Where employers, FE providers and universities currently accept a grade C we would expect them to continue recognising a grade 4. “

The full letter can be seen here on the .Gov website.