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Extraordinary A Level Results for our outstanding students!

Key Stage 5 – (A Level qualifications at the end of year 13)

Our sixth form students have received an extraordinary set of A level results today; reflecting their commitment and aspiration to achieve the highest grades.  Just under half of all students (46%) achieved 1 or more A* or A grades, with an average grade of B overall.

  • 33% of A2 grades achieved were A*or A. (2015 25%)
  • 62% of A2 grades achieved were grade B or higher. (2015 51%)
  • 86% of A2 grades achieved were grade C or higher. (2015 79%)
  • 98% of A2 grades achieved were grade ‘E’ or above. (2015 100%)
  • 99% of our students achieved 1 or more Key Stage 5 qualification at grade A*-E.
  • 98% of our students achieved 2 or more Key Stage 5 qualifications at grades A*-E.
  • 83% of our students achieved 3 or more Key Stage 5 qualifications at grades A*-E.

    (Some of the students collecting their results in August)

    We are especially proud that 14% of our year 13 students achieved three or more of the highest grades at A level (A*/A). These students are:


    Number of 'A*' grades at A'Level

    Number of 'A' grades at A'Level

     Jeremy Beard 2 2
     Jessica Farey  2  2
     Kate Bennett  2  1
     Matthew Cockburn 2 1
     Charlie Langshaw  2  1
     Megan Pain  2  1
     Rachel Paxton  2  1
     Helen Inman  1  2
     Lucy Merrell  1  2
     Joseph Penny  1  2
     Amit Shah  1  2
     Sam Tomlinson  1  2
     Becky Ludbrook  -  3
     Sam Oram  -  3
     Alex Smith - 3

Students Making the Most Progress

As well as students who achieve the top grades, many other students excel in our Sixth Form and exceed our high expectations. We congratulate these students on their courage and work ethic. Here are just a few who made the most progress:


A Level Grades Achieved vs Target Grades


A*A*A vs BBC


A*A*A vs BBB

COWIE Sophie

A*A*B vs BBB


C, D*D* vs D, DM


A*A*A vs ABB







Headteacher, Tim Litchfield said: "I am truly delighted with the students’ outstanding results! Supported by their parents and their extremely dedicated, inspirational teachers, our students have worked with great determination to exceed our expectations and are now heading off to some of the best Universities and apprenticeships in the country. What makes these levels of achievement so impressive is that they were combined with an outstanding commitment to a huge range of leadership opportunities and extra-curricular activities.

Knights Templar continues to develop well rounded young people, prepared for the world beyond school. Congratulations to all our students and we wish them every success for the future.”

Gill Hopkins, Head of Sixth Form, added: "With so many fantastic grades achieved by all our students it is too hard to pick out any one success. Many of our students are now going on to study at the highest level on a diverse and extremely interesting variety of courses, whilst others are being given the benefit of discovering more through the hands on experience of apprenticeships programmes. We wish all of our students every success in the future”