The Knights Templar School

The Knights Templar School

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Staff List

   (effective 1.4.19)

Leadership Team

Headteacher  Mr T Litchfield
Deputy Headteacher Miss S Barker
Head of Sixth Form Mrs G Hopkins
Assistant Headteacher  Mrs S Levesley 
Assistant Headteacher Mr J Sherry
Assistant Headteacher Mr A Sills
School Business Manager Mr J Swift
Designated Senior Person
for Child Protection
Mrs K Curtis
SENDCO Mrs E Mitchell
Head of Maths Mrs K Dixon
Head of English Mrs K Weston

Pastoral Team (clink on link to access the page)

Director of Pastoral Services - Mrs K Curtis

Year 7 Leader and Tutor Team
Year 8 Leader and Tutor Team
Year 9 Leader and Tutor Team
Year 10 Leader and Tutor Team
Year 11 Leader and Tutor Team
Sixth Form Team

Teaching Staff by department
(bold indicates Head of Department)


Mr W Leonowicz
Miss J Moyes  
Mrs R Pepperell
Mrs T Welch    

Business Studies / Economics

Miss N McGuigan
Mrs D Brando
Mr A Catlin
Mrs G Hopkins (SLT / Head of Sixth Form)  
Ms A Lawther    


MrJ Pieterse
Mrs V Bryant    
Mr A Rafiq


Miss J Spurling
Mr M Breadmore    
Mrs N Raymen    
Mr A Sills (Assistant Headteacher)    

English & Media

Mrs K Weston
Mr I Adams    
Mrs R Pedder (Head of Media) 
Mrs L Bannister    
Dr E Hadley  
Mrs S Heath-Whyte
Mrs S Levesley (Assistant Headteacher)  
Mr C Lowe
Mrs R Pedder (Head of Media) 
Ms T Reed  
Mrs L Stevens    
Miss A Walston


Mrs S Beckingham
Mrs J Evans    
Mr D Hopkins    
Miss M Staines    

History / Government & Politics

Mrs C Robertson
Miss S Barker (Deputy Headteacher)  
Mr B Hatton
Mrs K Lardeaux (Head of Year 9)  
Mr J Sherry    
Ms E Thompson    


Mrs K Dixon
Mr A Boddy    
Mrs J Borthwick
Mrs A Brown    
Mr A Buck    
Miss L Cockburn
Mrs A Everington    
Mr M Jackson    
Mr P Kempster    
Miss N Low    
Mr T Ward    

Modern Foreign Languages

Mrs K Bonail
Mrs N Carlyle
Mrs E Carr    
Mrs F Haynes    
Miss M Johnston    
Mrs M Oget (Head of French)  
Mrs K Sansom
Mr J Sherry (Assistant Headteacher)  


Mr J Dolby
Ms A Bailey
Mr R Grover
Mrs H Johnson    

Physical Education

Mrs K Curtis
Mr M Bradley
Mrs F Edwards    
Mrs S Gamester (PE and Dance)
Mr D Raymen (Deputy Head of Sixth Form)
Mr S Smith    
Miss L Ward (Head of Year 7)  


Miss F Oetgen (Head of Year 11)

Philosophy and Ethics

Mrs L Wells (Head of Department)
Ms K Bradley  
Mr M Ngwenya    


Mr J Grove (Head of Science/Physics)
Mrs J Wallace (Head of Chemistry)
Mr S Quinn (Head of Biology)
Mrs S Bailey
Mrs K Brown    
Miss D Carroll    
Mrs M Dineen    
Mrs J Harbon    
Mrs S Walton
Dr M Woodrow

Special Education Needs Coordinator (SENCO)

Mrs E Mitchell


Mrs K Bradley (Head of Department)
Mrs J Draper  
Mrs L Wells 


Mrs C Ellis
Mr M Bull (Head of Product Design and Graphic Products)  
Miss C Molinari (Head of Food and Nutrition)
Miss R Daw    
Mrs E Northcott    
Mr N White (Head of Year 10)  

Learning Supervisors

Mr J Carroll    
Ms C Dito
Mr I Matthews    
Miss J Newcombe    
Ms S King
Mrs M Nott    
Ms R Pepperall
Mr T Ward    

Teaching Assistants

Mrs V Bell HLTA    
Miss K Brown
Mr M Crowther
Mrs B Elliott    
Mrs S Jenkins 1:1 tutor    
Mrs U Norman  
Mrs C Sharp HLTA    
Mrs M Shaw PGCE    
Mrs T Tredgett HLTA    
Mrs V Webber HLTA    
Miss J Wiltshire    
Mrs C Wright HLTA    

Admin Team
Mrs M Boddy    
Mrs P Brewer
Mrs K Davis (HR and Admin Manager)
Mrs H Davies    
Mrs S Fearfield    
Mrs S Fraser    
Mrs A Gentle
Mrs A Gunnell    
Mrs M Horscroft    
Mrs H MacPherson    
Mrs M Major    
Mrs D Meadows    
Mrs F Roper (Headteacher's P.A.)  
Mrs J Sullivan    
Mrs K Wright

Examination Office

Mrs P Merrell (Exams Officer)

Family Support Team

Mrs J Pomroy    
Mrs N McGrinder    

Finance Team
Mr J Swift (School Business Manager) 
Mrs S Clayton    
Mrs M Gray    
Mrs A Robert    

ICT Support

Mr A Field    
Mr S Savage    

Library & Resource Centre

Mrs N Evans    
Mrs R Martin    

Science Technicians

Mrs S Conway    
Mrs L Eke    
Mrs C Kotze    
Mrs J Mills    
Mrs T Robinson    

Site Team

Mr S Thomas (Site Manager)  
Mrs C Davies    
Mr M Lines    
Mr P Morrison    
Mr B Williams    

Student Services

Mrs J Draper    
Mrs S Fearfield (Sixth Form)
Mrs M Hunt    
Mrs D Jones    
Mrs J Ougham(Medical)
Mrs P Martin   School Welfare and Attendance Tutor
Mrs N McGrinder    


Mrs L Kennedy (Art)    
Mr O Micele (Technology)  
Mrs G Welch (Technology)  
Mr R Grover (Performing Arts)

North Herts School Sport Partnership

Miss J Livermore (Manager)              
Mrs S Bates