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Joining our School: admissions procedures

Joining a new school is a very important step for families and their children.


At Knights Templar we want to help you make the right choice.






Knights Templar current Admissions Policy can be seen here: 2019/2020 entry or 2020/2021 entry.

Admissions information is available here: Hertfordshire Admissions and Transport

School information on the HCC website is available here: Hertfordshire schools

** Please note the following important information **

  • All applications and appeals for Knights Templar School are dealt with by HCC on our behalf.
  • Knights Templar School do not require a SIF (Supplementary Information Form) to accompany applications or appeals.


Secondary Transfer:

The HCC website gives all the advice needed for those currently in Y6 wanting to transfer to Knights Templar School. On this page you will find links to the County transfer leaflet, booklet and school directory.

In-Year Application:

If you are already in secondary or middle school and looking to move schools straight away, you will need to make an In-Year application. The HCC website for applications (including in-year applications and appeals) can be found here.

To contact Herts County Council Admissions and Transport, please call them direct on

0300 123 4043

(Note they are also able to assist with Free School Meals enquiries) 

Please follow this link for details about appeals.