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Friends' Sponsors Information

With the help of our sponsors we have raised an amazing £2,550 towards furnishing the new Arts and Technology block


The David Cooper Art Room - sponsored by David Cooper Decorating

Tel: 07711 160858

I applied to be a sponsor because I hope my career might inspire your pupils. Having had a successful career in engineering and then working in a forensic capacity within the music industry, I decided I wanted to work for myself, be based locally and be more creative. I have always enjoyed DIY and decorating and so I gave up the London commute and set up this business from home. I get so much satisfaction from transforming people's homes and have been lucky to work on a couple of community projects which have impacted local people.
Not everyone is academic - I hope the pupils at KTS learn that there are many routes into a job and considering a trade is a really rewarding career. My three children will have attended KTS and my priority for them is to develop into well-rounded individuals and choose a career path that is both rewarding and makes them happy.


The Natalie Clark Art Room – sponsored by Natalie Clark


Natalie is an ex KTS Alumni and professional Sculptor, Art Collector and Dealer, who now lives in America. She was keen to sponsor a room at KTS as ‘My early years in the Art room at KTS shaped the direction of my life in a very profound way.’



The Finesse Interiors Art Room – sponsored by Finesse Interiors

As well as running a local Interiors & soft furnishings business, Gary has 1 child attending KTS and 1 to follow, so was delighted to have the opportunity to sponsor the Art Room.


The Connolly Art Tech Room – sponsored by Cath Connolly

Cath has been a parent-governor at KTS for almost 4 years, and Vice-Chair for the last 2 years.  Her twins Jack and Chloe are in Year 11 and are looking forward to moving up to sixth form in September.  Cath is very proud to be the sponsor of the new Art Technology room.



The Amber Health Graphics Tech Room
– sponsored by Amber Health

Tim Moynihan, Osteopath and owner of Amber Health, is an ex-pupil of KTS and has two children who both attended KTS.  Amber Health is delighted to support the great work that KTS is doing by sponsoring the new Graphics Technology room.



A1BN BMW Specialist, Food Tech Room – sponsored by A1 German Car Specialist

We are very glad to be given the opportunity to support our local school.






The Uniform Monkeys Drama Studio
– sponsored by The Uniform Monkeys Ltd

As a local uniform supplier and parents of KTS pupils ourselves (not to mention former pupil!) we are delighted to be sponsoring the Drama Studio. KTS is a precious part of our community and it is a true privilege for us to be able to repay some of the support we've received from the school and parents.



The Mode Graphics Tech Room – sponsored by Mode Print Solutions


 Mode Print Solutions are proud to sponsor the new Graphics Tech room and to support the Knights Templar. Whilst Mode always likes to support local causes, our own Chief Executive has 3 children at the school, so we were delighted that we could contribute to the new building for the benefit of all students.


Kate Heiss Printmaker is our first
general sponsor of the Arts & Tech Block

Kate and Flo Heiss have 1 child in year 8 with another due to start in a couple of years. Kate, a Printmaker Designer and Flo, an Advertising Creative Director are both delighted to have the opportunity to support the new Art block and the importance of creative subjects in education.




If you would like to be a general sponsor of the Arts & Technology block – please contact the Friends of KTS for more details