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Further information on Uniform Expectation

Dear parents/carers

I am writing to you to clarify expectations regarding coats and other outerwear.

The current uniform policy sets out that coats should be modest and in keeping with the tone of the uniform.  It clarifies that denim and leather jackets are not acceptable.  In addition to this, the uniform policy states that sweatshirts and hoodies are not permitted.  Uniform expectations apply to all students while they are at school and on their journey to and from school each day.

A confused message has been communicated to students previously and it is important that we clarify expectations:

Non-School Hoodies, Sweatshirts and Tracksuit Tops

These are not and never have been permitted.  From Monday 25th February, any non-school hoodies, sweatshirts or tracksuit tops that are seen in school will be confiscated until the end of that term.

School Hoodies

These are often offered alongside a student’s involvement in a performance, trip or sports team.  They do not form part of our uniform.  Students have been told that these can be worn to and from school previously.  Therefore, these will be allowed until the end of this term.  However, from Tuesday 23rd April 2019, when we return from the Easter holiday, any hoodies will be confiscated until the end of that term if they are seen in school.


Students may wear a plain black knitted v-neck jumper under their blazer.


We do encourage students to wear a proper outdoor coat to and from school and at break and lunch.  Coats must be worn on top of blazers and all outerwear, including coats, must be removed on entering buildings.  Students who do not meet these expectations will have their coat and/or outerwear confiscated for collection at the end of that day.  Further infringements will result in a uniform detention.

The current wording of the uniform policy on coats is not clear.  Therefore, from next September, this will be changed as follows:

Coats must be plain in design and no more than two colours.  Any logos must be no larger than 10cm in diameter.  Denim and leather coats are not permitted.  I ask that you consider this when buying your son or daughter a new coat in the coming months. 

We want the highest standards of behaviour, so that all students can learn effectively and make excellent progress.  High-expectations of uniform and appearance are an important aspect of this.  I thank you for your continued support in reinforcing this with your son or daughter.

Kind regards,

Tim Litchfield