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Art & Photography

We aim to:

  • Make Art rewarding and enjoyable for every student!
  • Encourage and cultivate artistic skill and confidence.
  • Develop the creative and technical skills of all learners, regardless of their natural ability.
  • Enable students to engage with and understand Art works from different times and cultures, and to express their opinions.
  • Encourage students to engage with, and appreciate the visual and cultural world around them.
  • Enable students to make and create meaningful and amazing Art work.

Staff List

Mr W Leonowicz - Head of Art, Edexcel moderator
Miss J Moyes
Mrs R Pepperell
- Art Teacher
Mrs T Welch - Art Teacher
Mrs L Kennedy - Art Technician/Administrator        
Mrs M Boddy - Art Technician

Courses we offer

In KS 3, Years 7, 8 and 9 follow a general course that covers a wide variety of activities, artists and trips. In Year 7, students focus on Still-life and Portraits; in Year 8, students focus on Landscape and Graphic Art;  In Year 9, students focus on non-European art and culture – developing into modern European Art. All artwork will develop and explore personal and creative development of ideas and responses as well as opportunities for 2D, 3D and collaborative work.

Term 1 Introduction to non-European art and culture. Analysis of artists’ work, development of  practical skills and styles and evaluation of outcomes.

Term 2 The process and focus on non-European art and culture, and making links to modern European Art continues. Students continue, with increasing depth, to analyse artists’ work, develop practical skills and styles and evaluate their outcomes.

Term 3 Students will revisit artists’ work and contextual ideas as work progresses, they will refine their practice as it progresses and develop outcomes as ongoing experiments and final pieces. They will reflect on the four key areas of study and practice: ‘developing ideas’; ‘experimenting with materials and themes’; ‘recording using visual language’; ‘presenting a personalised response’.

In KS4, students embark on the GCSE course. We encourage students to develop their own artistic personalities, skills and creativity, with a view to develop Personal Portfolios over a one and a half year period.

In Key Stage 5, we offer A-level Fine Art and A-level Photography. The department is well equipped with the latest DSLR cameras, a suite of 20 computers dedicated to art work and photography, a dark room, kiln and printing presses.

We always encourage students to work directly from their own personal experience in a variety of media; and to examine how artists have engaged in the visual and cultural work around them – in order to respond for themselves in imaginative, creative and original ways.

Trips and Activities

Year 7 National Gallery, LONDON; Clay Club; Photography Club
Year 8 Imperial War Museum, Duxford
Year 9 Victoria & Albert Museum, LONDON
Year 10 Tate Britain, LONDON; Recylcled Fashion Show; GCSE Art Club
Year 11 Tate Modern, LONDON; Life Drawing
Year 12 Camden town, National Portrait Gallery, National Gallery, LONDON; Life Drawing
Year 13 Trafalgar Square, National Gallery, National Portrait Gallery, LONDON; Life Drawing

 Key Websites

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