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Business Studies & Economics


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Our Vision:

The Business Studies and Economics department aims to provide our pupils with the skills and knowledge required in an ever changing global workplace.

We aim to ensure that our pupils can go out into the world of work with their academic achievements and the employability skills needed.

Our pupils will be entrepreneurial, independent learners, confident presenters and strong team players.

To achieve our aims, we provide different academic and vocational pathways from 14 – 19.

This will ensure that our pupils are all given the chance to fulfill their potential in an environment that suits them.

Staff List:

Miss N.McGuigan - Head of Department
Mr A. Catlin       Business Studies
Mrs G. Hopkins  A level Business Studies and Cambridge Technical
Mrs D. Brando    GCSE Business Studies and A level Cambridge Technical
Ms A. Lawther    GCSE & A level Economics 



Department Courses:

Business Studies and Economics are available to all students as an option at GCSE and A level. The topical nature of these subjects means that resources are constantly up-dated. Recent case studies and current data are therefore drawn from newspapers, magazines, TV and IT sources. Students are expected to use a wide range of sources in researching their assignments. These subjects provide an important contribution to modern citizenship and are supplemented by talks and visits.

Key Stage 4:

  • GCSE Business Studies
  • GCSE Economics

Key Stage 5:

  • A level Business
  • A level Economics
  • Cambridge Technical GCE Business Double Award


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