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Design and Technology

Our Vision:

For us, Design and Technology involves the students in designing and making products in a wide range of materials in response to a design brief which becomes increasingly open as the student’s experience and knowledge increases.

The subject draws upon and helps develop scientific, mathematical and literacy skills as well as creativity and autonomy.  

We try not to rely too heavily upon our 3D printer or our laser cutters, believing that the acquisition of “hands-on” making skills are still central to understanding and developing effective products for our younger students.  However, industrial practices and the increased use of ICT in designing and making in the modern technological world are reflected in most of our projects.

We believe that Design and Technology helps students’ personal organisation, develops problem solving skills, and makes them more discerning as consumers.

Most of all we want our students to engage in the work, enjoy themselves and design and make products of good quality that they can be proud of.


Staff List:

Mrs C Ellis- Head of Faculty
Mr M Bull – Head of Systems and Control
Miss C Molinari - Head of Food Preparation and Nutrition, Child Development and Textiles
Miss R Daw – Textiles and Child Development
Mrs E Northcott– Resistant Materials and Graphic Products
Mr N White – Resistant Materials and CAD/CAM
Mr O Micele – Senior Technician
Mrs G Welch – Food and Textiles Technician

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Our Courses - an overview:

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All students study Design and Technology during Years 7 to 9. They design and make products using a wide range of materials including food, textiles, graphic media, electronic components, wood, metal and plastic. 

At KS4 students have the opportunity to choose to study Design and Technology to GCSE level.  AQA options on offer are: Food, Textiles, Graphic Products, Resistant Materials and Systems and Control.

These courses all build on the foundations laid at KS3 and involve designing and making products. More open briefs are used and the work produced is of greater complexity than that in previous years.  A major project in year 11 is the Controlled Assessment for the GCSE, valued at 60% of the final grade.

Whichever Design and Technology option has been chosen the format is broadly the same:

The controlled assessment task will involve researching the chosen theme, and developing a range of possible designs.  Test models will be made and documented before the final version is made.  The finished product is then tested and fully evaluated.  The whole process is presented in a PowerPoint style folder, except for in Textiles, where work is submitted on paper.

At KS5 students have the opportunity to study the AQA A level Product Design course either to AS or to A2 level. AS involves further development of designing and making skills through the production of a portfolio and an end of course examination and A2 involves a major project submission and a synoptic examination paper.

We are also able to offer AQA A level Food Technology and A level Textiles.


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