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Drama and Theatre Studies


Click here for an informative video telling you what the KTS Drama Department can offer. 


Our Vision:

The Drama Department aims to build the confidence of our students to present and communicate their creative ideas to an audience. 

Students will develop their verbal and non-verbal communication skills through a variety of practical group activities. 

We believe that involvement in drama and theatre enables students to express themselves with more clarity and assurance.   Students are encouraged to be independent through their research and exploration of dramatic texts and stimuli, to be reflective in their analysis and evaluation of the creative process and to be effective in their participation and co-operation in rehearsals and performances. 

Student wellbeing and the Social Emotional Aspects of Learning form the focus of much of our work, as well as covering aspects of PSHE and Citizenship.

Our long term aim is to foster the atmosphere of a theatre company with all students reaching their full potential as a creative artist (performer, director, deviser or designer) or a technician (lighting and sound operation, costume, prop and set building).

Staff List

Mrs Spurling, Head of Drama
Mrs Spurling joined Knights Templar this year and already feels at home, whether that’s teaching A Level Theatre Studies to Sixth Form students or inspiring her new Y10 class or running the two Drama Clubs for KS3. Mrs Spurling’s background is in contemporary theatre and we look forward to seeing how her devising ideas work in the performances throughout the year.

Mr Breadmore
Mr Breadmore was a student at Knights Templar, a theatre technician for three years and has now returned back to Knights Templar as one of the most popular Drama Teachers. Now into his third year as a teacher at Knights Templar, Mr Breadmore runs the crazy Open Mic Club and in complete contrast the Calm Fishing Club.

Mrs Raymen
Mrs Raymen has a background in theatre and shares this passion through teaching Drama at Knights Templar. She currently teaches KS3 Drama, GCSE Drama and A Level Theatre Studies. She runs a movement project every summer term to raise money for charity; this year Project 101 raised the issue of social media and the impact on society. She is also choreographing movement pieces for the Gym and Dance display this December. Contemporary Theatre and young people are the future. 

Mr Sills, Assistant Head Teaching & Learning, Arts and Humanities
Mr Sills currently teaches Y11 GCSE Drama, Y13 A Level Theatre Studies and Y13 BTEC Performing Arts. He has a wider role in the school that encompasses the Creative and Performing Arts Faculty, the Humanities Faculty and whole school Teaching & Learning. Most recently, Mr Sills directed the school productions of Fiddler on the Roof and The Wind in the Willows. He enjoys all aspects of theatre, in fact, Mr Sills ‘is theatre’ according to ‘a student’.

Mr R Grover, Performing Arts Technician
Mr. Grover joined KTS in 2019 and maintains and organises technical equipment used by the Drama and Music Departments. In addition to ensuring these departments run smoothly day-to-day, he is also involved in a myriad of other school events including assisting in student performances and running the Technical Theatre and Production Arts clubs.

Mrs Brewer- joined the PE and Dance team in spring 2019 and provides valuable administrative support.


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