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Government & Politics

KS5 only

Exam board – Edexcel


Government and Politics is a relatively new course to KTS, having been taught for the first time from September 2015. The course is taught by both Miss Harrison and Mr Sherry, with Miss Harrison responsible for Year 12 Unit 2 and Mr Sherry responsible for Year 12 Unit 1 and both Year 13 units.


We are all affected by politics. Thousands of decisions made by voters and politicians have determined issues from the cost of a bus ticket, to whether our school can be rebuilt, to the cost of university tuition fees.  It is therefore essential that we not only engage in our politics, but understand how we can do so effectively. Recent events such as ‘Brexit’ and the Scottish Referendum have highlighted how essential it is for young people to understand and engage with what is happening.


Students will be offered a range of extra-curricular opportunities, which may include:

  • debating and participation in debating competitions
  • external speakers, including elected politicians
  • visiting the Houses of Parliament, UK Supreme Court and political party and pressure group offices
  • a visit to Washington DC


Breakdown of the course components and examination information





How Assessed



People and Politics

What is meant by democracy and how can we engage in a democracy?

All assessment is by external written examination with each unit making up 25% of the overall A-Level.




Governing the UK

Introduction to the major governmental processes within the UK



Representative Processes in the USA

How people, parties and pressure groups seek to influence power in the United States and the extent to which they are effective



Governing the USA

Examination of how the United States is governed and the importance of the Constitution