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MFL Staff List

Mrs K. Bonail (Head of Modern Foreign Languages)

“A  French surname, Spanish relations and Head of German! My parentage is, however, fully English and I, therefore, learnt my languages just like you. I teach German and French and look forward to teaching Spanish, too. I believe that learning languages has opened my mind and enhanced my understanding of other cultures, as well as saving me from an unfortunate incident or two with the German transport police! / as well as saving me from the perils of a Cuban hospital! I have been at Knights Templar for over ten years.” 

Mrs M. Oget (Deputy Head of Modern Foreign Languages + Head of French)

"Je suis française originaire de Bretagne et j’habite en Angleterre depuis janvier 1999. Ma famille est bilingue et nous parlons tous français à la maison. Ça me fait toujours plaisir de rencontrer les nombreux enfants bilingues de KTS qui eux aussi parlent une autre langue à la maison.  J’aime voyager et découvrir de nouvelles  cultures et traditions. Je parle Français, Breton et allemand et j’aimerais apprendre l’Italien et l’Espagnol. J’enseigne à KTS depuis septembre 2002."
"I am French, from Brittany, and I have been living in England since January 1999. My family is bilingual and we all speak French at home. I am  always pleased to meet bilingual children at KTS, of which there are many, who also speak another language at home. I enjoy travelling and discovering new cultures and traditions.  I speak French, Breton, German and would like to learn Italian and Spanish. I have been teaching at KTS since September 2002.” 

Mrs E. Carr
"I can still remember sitting in my 1st year (year 7!) French lessons… I can remember the ‘cahier’ we had, the pictures, the characters – and absolutely loving the sound and look of the words! That love of language learning stayed with me through school and onto university, where I studied French, German & Economics.

Becoming a teacher has enabled me to share that experience with young people. Although English is undeniably widely spoken, our world in the 21st century surely requires us to have the respect for other people that we learn about their culture and how to speak their language… the ability to communicate in another MFL opens other countries up to us, whether for leisure or work."

Mrs N. Carlyle
Having a Swiss father, I was very fortunate to grow up being exposed to different languages and cultures from an early age.  We spoke French at home on Sundays and spent every summer holiday visiting my grandfather in Switzerland.  My love of languages led me to a university degree in French and German followed by a 15 year career in marketing, during which time I used my languages professionally and personally.  In my view learning a language is a life skill that opens up tremendous opportunities for young people to explore the world, its people and cultures.  I feel very privileged to have the opportunity here at KTS to share my passion for language learning and hopefully to inspire the next generation of learners to love languages as much as I do.

Mrs F. Haynes
"Learning a foreign language is challenging and it can be frustrating, but it can also be one of the most rewarding experiences we can have. Seeing the childrens’ faces when they suddenly realise they have communicated something and they have been understood is a fantastic sight. Like my colleagues, I am passionate about languages. I teach German and French here at KTS and I can honestly say I love my job.

Before my time here I worked for eighteen years in industry and I understand fully the challenges these young people will face when they leave school. I once read that schools are places where people come to find out about their futures. Being able to speak another language is a gift.  It is something which can be part of our young peoples’ futures. I hope that, during their time at KTS, our students will develop a passion for learning about different cultures, that they will want to learn languages, and that we, here at KTS, will have given them the skills to do so."

Mrs M. Johnston
I don’t know if my first word was in German or in English as I grew up speaking both: English at home with my family and German outside with my friends. I couldn’t wait to start learning French as my parents always used it as a secret language to discuss Christmas and birthday presents in front of us. My school also taught Latin and I was surprised that my teacher was able to bring this ‘dead language’ to life. I found it fascinating and it also helped me to learn Spanish as there are many similarities. When I travel to other countries I always try to learn a few new basic words and I think it’s true that the more you learn the easier it gets!

Mrs K Sansom
I have always been interested in travel and in learning about different cultures. Learning a variety of different languages has helped me to achieve this. I studied History, French & German up to A-level at school, with Spanish GCSE during the 6th form. Once at the University of Sheffield I studied all three languages – spending time in both France & Spain as part of my degree. After completing my teacher training I went on to work in schools in Suffolk and Hertfordshire where I have taught French, German and Spanish at a variety of different levels for 20+ years .

 Mr J. Sherry
"Born and bred in Hertfordshire, I learnt German, Spanish and Latin at school, before venturing to Leeds to study German and Politics.  I have worked in Germany, the USA and London, before deciding to become a language teacher.  I made this choice because I loved learning languages, especially when I was at school; visiting other countries, meeting a variety of people and learning new cultures.  I am determined to provide language learners at KTS with opportunities to experience language learning beyond the classroom."


In addition to these members of staff, each year we enjoy the services of a French, Spanish and German assistant.