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Key Stage 5 Science @ KTS

Pupils should reach the entry requirements at Additional Science at GCSE to undertake one or more A-Level Science courses. All three Sciences are offered at A Level. Numbers fluctuate from year to year, with generally two teaching groups in each subject

Current minimum GCSE requirements for 2015-16: B grade average in Double Science, Mathematics and English although there are restrictions on subject choices depending upon performance at GCSE- see the Sixth form prospectus for further information.

Pupils sit their AS qualifications at the end of Year 12 and, if they achieve at least a D grade they may go on to the full A Level at the end of Year 13.

All Biology, Chemistry and Physics courses follow the AQA specification for both AS & A level.

Students receive a textbook and an online support subscription to assist with study and depending on the teacher, material provided by their teachers on Google Classroom.

A decision to take a Science A level should not be taken lightly: the syllabuses for all subjects are very demanding in all respects and our experience indicates that students cannot afford to relax if they wish to achieve high grades.


Biology at KS5

Chemistry at KS5

Physics at KS5

Applied Science at KS5


Please feel free to browse our Sixth Form website for further information at the following link:

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