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On entry to the school in Year 7 students are placed in to mixed ability teaching groups for Science. A small number with particular needs in terms of literacy or numeracy are placed in specialist smaller groups in order to focus support and developing these essential skills further.

In Year 8 pupils are placed in Year half cohorts, with each half being organised at high, intermediate and lower levels based on performance in Science and other subjects. This grouping is determined by their performance at the end of Primary School, Year 7 end of topic tests as well as their end of year exam. Movement between sets is possible in Years 8 to 11. In year 7, students sit an end of subject test that contributes to setting in Year 8 at the end of their rotation. At the end of Year 8, pupils sit an end of year exam, in addition to having end of unit/ subject tests throughout the year.

In Year 9 pupils are re-set in a similar way to the start of Year 8 at the start of the year and stay with their group for all three sciences. Tests happen regularly covering recently studied topics. There is also an end of year Science paper based on all 3 subject areas. 

In Year 10 and 11 students are taught in sets based on prior attainment in exams and continuous assessment specifically in Science, taken alongside the professional judgement of subject staff. Year 10 grouping also depends upon option choices taken at the end of Year 9.

Continuous assessment of practical and associated skills is an important feature of our GCSE course, in which pupils are given advance warning of the criteria they must satisfy to reach various levels. End of unit tests are used to determine the tier of exams for which they are entered at the end of Year 11.  These exams are set and marked by the Examination Board.