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The Science faculty aims to provide a worthwhile educational experience for all pupils whether or not they go on to study science beyond Key Stage 4. In particular, studies should enable them to acquire a systematic body of scientific knowledge and develop an understanding of the concepts, principles and applications of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and some Earth sciences.

We aim to:

  • Give full access to the Science curriculum for all pupils up to GCSE level, regardless of their gender, ability or background.
  • Allow pupils to experience 'positive achievement' and have the opportunity to achieve their full potential.
  • Reinforce and make links with other areas of their curriculum and build on their experiences in primary school.
  • Make use of their personal experience and relate it to the worlds of work and leisure, whilst developing their scientific skills.
  • Ensure that the form of the curriculum and the approaches to teaching and learning lead to a greater appreciation of science and its impact both on the individual and society.
  • Cater for the needs and aspirations of all pupils within a balanced whole-school curriculum.

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(w.e.f. September 2020)
Mr J Grove (Head of Science)
Ms L David (Head of Physics)
Mr S Quinn (Head of Biology)
Mrs J Wallace (Head of Chemistry)
Mrs K Brown (Biology)
Mrs M Dineen (Biology/Chemistry)
Miss D Carroll (Chemistry/Physics)
Mrs J Harbon (Physics/Biology)
Mrs S Walton (Physics)
Dr M Woodrow (Chemistry/Physics)

We also have 2 dedicated teaching assistants:

Mrs C Sharp             Miss K Brown


The department is extremely fortunate to be serviced by 5 excellent and experienced technicians who provide valuable contributions to the Teaching and Learning within the department:

Mrs S Conway (Senior Laboratory Technician)
Mrs L Eke
Mrs J Mills
Mrs C Kotze
Mrs T Robinson


Science Prefects

We are lucky to have a number of Year 13 prefects who are associated with the faculty and support the work of the teachers and technical staff, as well as assisting at department events and in our extra-curricular GCSE Astronomy.



The department has links with local industry and makes good use of Herts SETPOINT and other connections to bring in people to speak to students. Recent speakers have delivered talks on a broad range of subjects to different year groups including the importance of sustainability, string theory, neuroscience, space exploration & increasing human fertility. In recent years we have had visits from eminent Ecologists, Cosmologists and Cancer scientists to talk with all year groups and inspire young scientists.

A large number of these speakers visit the school during National Science week in March. We make a big thing out of Science week with activities on every break and lunch time.


Educational Visits and Field Trips
These are organised as available and appropriate and have included in recent times trips to CERN in Geneva, working with Astrium on developing a drill for the Mars rover and a practical science day at GSK for gifted and talented in association with McLaren Formula 1. This is in addition to our annual A level field trip. Students have also recently had the chance to visit local nature reserves and Astronomy facilities at the University of Cambridge


Competitions etc.
As part of Science week we run a poster or a photography competition for the lower years. This year we are also running a Science Fair for which students are supported to carry out an investigation into anything of their choice. Entries will be displayed in the hall with guest judges awarding prizes and house points for the winners.


A small number of our students each year work towards the full or intermediate ‘Biology Olympiad’, ‘Chemistry Olympiad’ and ‘Physics Olympiad’. We have also participated in the ‘Biology Challenge’ for younger students achieving a number of medals.


Science club
 for Lower school students (Yr7/8)- see Mrs Dineen or Science prefects for more details

Astronomy club (open to years 10/11 leading to potential GCSE Astronomy)- see Mr Grove or Science prefects for more details.