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Technology Trips and Activities

Some of the trips and activities that take place in the Design and Technology Faculty:

  • GCSE Food and Nutrition students made and served professional quality canapés for the grand opening of the new Arts and Design centre
  • Enrichment week activities: Many areas of the school have been improved by the efforts and staff and students during our end of term summer week. Things we have made include wooden and concrete benches, bird and bug boxes, a fantastic outdoor decking area, signage for many areas of the school and textile hangings.
  • Rotary club competition – we have had great success in this engineering based event against local schools, in many cases winning the main prizes in each category.  
  • Year 12 Product Design trip to BMW Mini plant in Oxford
  • Year 12 Product Design trip to New Designers show – a showcase for some of the best graduate designers. An inspirational day out.
  • Year 12 Product Design trip to Astro lighting – a high end designing and manufacturing company who have excellent links with the school
  • Futures Day at Farnborough Air show – a great day out for a lucky few. We have taken a mix of Y11 and Y12 students to this event which showcases the best of aeronautical engineering. We get to see the planes fly too!
  • Year 9 Engineering day – we have made rockets, motor powered vehicles, electronic based challenges…

    Arkwright Scholarships – we have had excellent success entering our students for this prestigious award, which encourages high achievers with a passion for engineering. It attracts a very useful bursary for the students too, to support them in their future learning.
  • All Years: Props and Gifts Club.  Students work together to support the Drama department by creating props and scenery for Knights Templar’s many excellent school productions.  Between shows we make gifts for family & friends.


Involvement in the Rotary Technology Tournament:

(open to Years 9, 10 & 12) 


On Thursday, 5th November 2015, four KTS teams from three different year groups competed in the annual Rotary Technology Competition at the Priory School, Hitchin. In a phenomenal performance KTS won all three competitions, year 9, 10 and 12, and came away with a hat trick of trophies. Newsknight’s Ben Buky, who competed in the year 10 competition,  reports.


Every year, the Rotary Technology competition gives KTS students the chance to test their design and technology skills against other schools. There are three competitions each with a similar challenge and this year the competitors in the basic (year 9) competition had to build a bridge to span a two feet opening and a movable bridge to allow a tall boat to pass through. To make the challenge harder both sections of the bridge had to hold a 1kg weight and the permanent bridge had to fit a small boat underneath while the weight was directly above it. The older age groups had more challenging regulations on their movable section and everyone had to complete a portfolio of ideas.


The challenge proved tricky but all the teams met the deadlines and nearly all the criteria so it came down to the quality of the portfolios. The basic team won their competition convincingly but it was to my shock that we, the year 10 team, also won ours. It now all rested on the result of the advanced (year 12) competition to see if KTS had completed a hat trick of victories.


“And second place in the year 12 competition goes to… Knights Templar!” said the announcer. “Oh, no, sorry, Knights Templar is the winner!” We were ecstatic, after a fun filled but tough day we had three trophies to show for it.


Mr. Bull organized the KTS teams and said, “This year I left Orlando in charge with spectacular success, I’m very pleased.”


Next year, KTS hopes to repeat their success and retain the trophies. Well done to everyone in all the teams!


On Monday 20th October 2014 four students from each of year 9,10 and 12 took part in a Technology Tournament at Priory School. They were given the challenging task of making a model cable car system capable of winching 'emergency supplies' across a river. All the students who took part were a credit to the school, and through excellent team work our Year 9 students won their category, and our Year 12 team were runners up in theirs. 

Year 9 Year 10 Year 12
Ben Buky   Jonathan ten Hove  Matthew Dyne
 Enfys Neale  James Andrews  Helen Inman
 Finn Harrigan  George Lerche  Alex Smith
 Daisy Muge  Harry Stean  Kate Bennett

Very well done to all those involved!

In 2015 KTS were outright winners in all three age categories, to the annoyance of all of the other schools who took part!