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Medical Matters

Medical Assistance:

Mrs J.Ougham 

 Medical Care at Knights Templar School

If your child has any medical condition that you would like specific staff to be aware of then please print off this form, fill it in and return to Student Services.

 Medical Information Form for New Students

Med 1
Medication Permission Forms

Please print off and complete the relevant forms for your child, then return to school to Student Services, Reception or Mrs Ougham.

 Asthma Inhaler Permission Form
 Asthma Emergency Inhaler Permission

 Medication Permission Form
 Paracetamol Permission Form
Emergency AAI Form

For information about the School Nurse Team please see here.

 Immunisations DTPM, Jan 2019
 HPV Immunisations 2018

Return to school following illness 
Please note that the Health Protection Agency recommends that pupils should remain away from School for 48 hours from the last episode of sickness or diarrhoea in order to avoid spreading germs.

Advice From Amber Health

Amber Health Stretching Advice
Amber Health Teen Ergonomic Advice