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Dear Parent,

Re: Annual donation to The Friends of Knights Templar School

We know you are delighted that your child has a place here at the Knights Templar School; a wonderful place to continue their education and a community that offers so much more than academic achievement.

Fund raising remains an extremely challenging issue for state head teachers and governors.  Current government policy is based on the continuation of ‘flat’ funding for schools and fails to address rises in many costs associated with education.  This presents us with a challenge going forward which we wish to address. It is our aim to further the advancement of education at our school by providing additional resources. We wish to enhance the positive experiences of our students and improve their environment, which in turn will increase their ability to learn. We need your generosity to achieve this.

I am appealing to each family in our community to play a vital role in this aspiration.  I ask each family to make a minimum annual donation of £20.00 per child*.  Together you, our parents and families, can make a real and lasting difference. Your donation should be made to ‘The Friends of Knights Templar School.’ 

‘Friends’ is not just a committee of well-meaning fund raisers. It is the spirit of our school, it is the essence of KTS, a whole school community coming together to help one another and the wider community.  The funds you donate will help us to ensure that students in this school continue to have access to the best opportunities and the best facilities we can offer.  In the past funds donated by the ‘Friends’ have been used to help update the Drama studio, purchase and a new grand piano.  ‘Friends’ has made a commitment to help the School in this important way and we would ask you to support them in doing this. 

There are in the region of 700 families represented by the students at The Knights Templar School. This number includes your family.  We recognise that finances have been difficult for many people but please be aware that even a very small amount given to ‘Friends’ can have a big impact on school resources.  Many parents help us by supporting ‘Friends.’ Will you join with them and help to spread their impact?

Below, you will find a link to the Membership Application and Subscription form – please complete both and return them to school to the Sixth Form prefect attached to your child’s form or directly to the school via reception.

I thank you for your support for our school and do hope you will be able to contribute to our school fund-raising programme.

Yours sincerely,

Mr T Litchfield

or email the Friends at: