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Yr 11 Revision Guidance

The list below contains hyperlinks to a subject information sheet for every GCSE subject. These pages contain useful weblinks and resources. These active links will take students to practice papers and revision websites which they will certainly find useful for study purposes.

Year 11 is a marathon not a sprint.  There are many ways in which parents can help students as they manage their study. We suggest that a starting point for a conversation at home might focus on whether your child:

  • has a dedicated personal space in which to do homework
  • has an allotted quiet time at home for study, free of distractions from music, television and social media
  • has devised a homework and revision planner
  • has a good supply of interesting stationery to encourage them to revise creatively
  • would respond to a rewards system to motivate them to study
  • is managing a healthy work life balance

 All staff are available for one to one help and/or drop in sessions if students have a question about their learning. We encourage students to speak to their individual teachers about the help they need.


Subject Leaflets

Please click on the subject titles below to explore the details of each subject.  

KS4 Core Subjects

English Language GCSE  (Exam Board AQA)
English Literature GCSE  (Exam Board AQA)
Maths GCSE  (Exam Board Edxcel)
Combined Science GCSE  (Exam Board AQA)
Core Philosophy 
Core PE
French GCSE (Blue Pathway only)  (Exam Board AQA)
German GCSE (Blue Pathway only)  (Exam Board AQA)

KS4 Options Subjects

Art and Design GCSE  (Exam Board Edxcel)
Business Studies GCSE  (Exam Board Edxcel)
Computer Science GCSE  (Exam Board OCR)
Dance GCSE  (Exam Board AQA)
Design and Technology GCSE  (Exam Board AQA)
Drama GCSE  (Exam Board OCR)
Engineering Technical Award  (Exam Board OCR)
Enterprise and Marketing Technical Award  (Exam Board OCR)
Food Preparation and Nutrition GCSE  (Exam Board AQA)
French GCSE  (Exam Board AQA)
Game Development  (Exam Board OCR)
Geography GCSE  (Exam Board AQA)
German GCSE  (Exam Board AQA)
Heath and Social Care (Exam Board OCR)
History GCSE  (Exam Board AQA)
Media GCSE  (Exam Board EDUQAS)
Music GCSE  (Exam Board AQA)
Music Technology Technical Award  (Exam Board PEARSON)
PE GCSE  (Exam Board Edxcel)
Performing Arts Technical Award  (Exam Board AQA)
Photography GCSE  (Exam Board Edxcel)
Religious Studies GCSE  (Exam Board AQA)
Separate Sciences GCSE  (Exam Board AQA)
Spanish GCSE  (Exam Board AQA)
Textiles GCSE  (Exam Board AQA)


Year 11 Study Support Timetable